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Ports, cities, and global supply chains
AuthorWang, James JixianInternational Workshop of Port Cities and Global Supply Chains (2005 : Hong Kong, China)
Classification387.164 I61 P05 2007
Publication Year2007
Papers from the International Workshop of [sic] Port Cities and Global Supply Chains held in December 2005 in Hong Kong.
1 Introduction / James Wang, Daniel Olivier, Theo Notteboom and Brian Slack --
Part 1: Conceptualization of port-cities and global supply chains --
2 Supply chain and supply chain management: appropriate concepts for maritime studies / Valentina Carbone and Elisabeth Gouvernal --
3 Global supply chain integration and competitiveness of port terminals / Photis M. Panayides --
4 The terminalisation of ports / Brian Slack --
5 Re-assessing port-hinterland relationships in the context of global supply chains / Theo Notteboom and Jean-Paul Rodrigue --
Part 2: Shipping networks and port development --
6 The development of global container transhipment terminals / Alfred J. Baird --
7 Mediterranean ports in the global network: how to make the hub and spoke paradigm sustainable? / Enrico Musso and Francesco Parola --
8 Northern European range: shipping line concentration and port hierarchy / Antoine Frémont and Martin Soppé --
9 Factors influencing the landward movement of containers: the cases of Halifax and Vancouver / Robert J. McCalla --
Part 3: Inserting port-cities into global supply chains --
10 Globalization and the port-urban interface: conflicts and opportunities / Yehuda Hayuth --
11 A metageography of port-city relationships / César Ducruet --
12 Chinese port-cities in the global supply chains / James Wang and Daniel Olivier --
13 The economic performance of seaport regions / Peter W. De Langen --
Part 4: Corporate perspectives on the insertion of ports in global supply chains --
14 The success of Asian container port operators: the role of information technology / Daniel Olivier and Francesco Parola --
15 Which link, in which chain? Inserting Durban into global automobile supply chains / Peter V. Hall and Glen Robbins --
16 Sustainable development and corporate strategies of the maritime industry / Claude Comtois and Brian Slack.
Economy of the world
PublisherJustus Perthes, 199?
In English. Main shipping routes.- Transcontinental traffic routes .- Major
Fairplay ports guide 2001-2002 / Edited by Robert Fielder
AuthorFairplay Publications Ltd.
ClassificationR 387 F17 CD 2001
PublisherUK : Fairplay Publications Ltd.
Publication Year2002
Port information. Vol. 1: Albania to Dominican Republic. - Vol. 2: Countries E to L. - Vol. 3: Macao to Tuvalu. - Vol. 4: UKraine to Yugoslavia, Atlases & distance tables.